Membership will be useful for those who have multiple papers to publish at an affordable price.
Universal Library Open Access Publications offer different types of memberships for research scholars, scientists, professors, authors, reviewers, editors and students.


  • Author’s can publish an endless number of manuscripts in the time period of membership.
  • If you are the author or the co-author of a paper, then you will be getting a good waiver on the articles.
  • We will give priority in the publishing process and you get a very smooth peer reviewing process in the publication.
  • Fast track review will be done. This will be done only on personal request from the author.

Membership Options
Membership Annual Two Years Three Years
Individual USD 2000 USD 3000 USD 4000
Department USD 3000 USD 4000 USD 5000
University/Institutional USD 4000 USD 5000 USD 6000
Industries/Organizations USD 5000 USD 6000 USD 7000