Publication Ethics

Ethical Standards: Universal Library Open Access Publications adheres to the principles of transparency and best ethical practices in scholarly publishing as recommended by international committees like COPE, DOAJ, OASPA, and WAME.

Plagiarism: We have strict policies against plagiarism. During the submission, the authors require to state that their work is not a copy of other published work and their article is not submitted elsewhere (in full or in part).
We cross check every submission for the plagiarism misconduct. Any submissions containing partially/completely plagiarized content are rejected immediately. If the author has used content from any previously published work and fails to provide credit to the source then it will be considered as technical plagiarism and the manuscript might be rejected or retracted.

Conflicts of Interest: We conduct a double-blind peer review process to avoid conflicts. The authors should hold responsibility in disclosing any conflicts of interest during article submission to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Confidentiality Protection: We undertake multiple measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the authors work. Editors, peer reviewers, and Editorial staff require maintaining the confidentiality of the authors work. It is ethically not acceptable and we, against to use or disseminate the unpublished work.

Human and Animal Rights: All articles published by Universal Library Open Access Publications must adhere to high ethical standards concerning human volunteers and animal welfare. For animal models and human volunteers, ethical clearance letters and documents are required, if applicable.

Consents/Instances: Authors require obtaining consent for publication from all contributors and participants of the work. The authors must submit clear statements regarding consents with original signature while submitting their work.

Professional Conduct: Editors, Reviewers, Authors, and the Editorial staff are expected to adhere to the basic professional courtesy.