PI Importance in a Firm Branding and Loyal the Customers

Prof. Alexandru Trifu

Citation: Prof. Alexandru Trifu, "PI Importance in a Firm Branding and Loyal the Customers", Universal Library of Business and Economics, Volume 01, Issue 02.

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We are not dealing with the Greek letter/symbol pi= 3.14, but with a complex term known as Promotion Impact, a very powerful tool what can propel a firm/company on the specific market, supporting branding. It’s about a Centennial company/brand, a coffee one, Eduscho from Germany, chosen as representative for this issue. Started with the well-known notions about the Marketing Mix, the 4 Ps, we put the accent on Promotion-Promotion Impact-, Placement and, to close the circle, the Feedback from the market/consumers. At the same time, speaking about a well-known German company, we may say that also drinking this good coffee it is possible the recovery of the tired German economy. The economic aspect is already done. The scope is to highlight that combination, the visual information est. xxxx with a tasty and freshness sip, means energy and a specific mood to live and work. Good coffee, good sells, good profit and on the other side, joy and satisfaction for customers who can taste this coffee.

Keywords: Coffee, Brand, Est. Impact, Improving Work, Profit, Satisfaction