Article Processing Charges (APC)

The Universal Library Open Access Publications is an international peer-reviewed, open access and online publisher. All researchers, authors and scholars know that we operate open access journals and we don't have any funding/grants. To cover the cost for providing our high-quality publishing service and free access to readers, authors pay Article Processing Charge (APC) for manuscripts accepted after peer-review. There are no charges for rejected articles and no submission fee.

Open Access publishing involves the payment of Article Processing Charges (APC) by the author. APC is important for covering the cost of publishing and for disseminating quality publication services. Universal Library Open Access Publications requires authors to pay an APC for the publication of their articles. The APC covers the costs of peer-review, editing, typesetting, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and providing online access to the articles.

Article Processing Charges (APC): USD 449

Universal Library Open Access Publications provides 50% waiver on the publication charges to the authors who are from under developed countries i.e. low-income economies and lower-middle-income economies. The details of the countries list as per World Bank income classification.

Withdrawal Policy

Authors can withdraw the article before completion of the review process. Withdrawal of article is not permitted once accepted for publication.

Refund Policy

Universal Library Open Access Publications will not refund the APC once an article is accepted and published.