An Analysis of the Evolving Role of the RD within the Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics using Mind Genomics Cognitive Science

Erin M. McKinley

Citation: Erin M. McKinley, "An Analysis of the Evolving Role of the RD within the Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics using Mind Genomics Cognitive Science", Universal Library of Medical and Health Sciences, Volume 02, Issue 02.

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Introduction: In the United States, Registered Dietitians (RDs) aim to establish themselves as the foremost authorities in nutrition and dietetics. This research project aimed to identify the key areas of focus among current RDs in terms of advancing the profession and enhancing public perception of RDs. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional online survey was conducted with a sample of 200 RDs in the US. The survey included thirty questions that explored the primary obstacles hindering RDs’ success, the level of agreement on RDs being recognized as nutrition experts in the US, and the evaluation of scenarios containing elements that could potentially elevate the profession. Statistical analysis involved ordinary least squares regressions to identify the most significant areas of concern. Results: The survey respondents expressed a lack of consensus (mean= 2.75 out of 4) regarding the perception that “RDs are universally acknowledged as nutrition experts by the public in the US.” One group of respondents emphasized the need to enhance salary accuracy and eliminate the requirement for a graduate degree to progress in the field. Another group focused on areas where The Academy fell short in terms of diversity initiatives, career advancement, RD branding, and transparency with its members. Common challenges included a lack of respect from other healthcare professionals and concerns about the return on investment for graduate education. Conclusion: These distinct perspectives offer valuable insights for The Academy to consider when developing strategies to promote RDs as nutrition experts and enhance the professional experience for future growth and success.

Keywords: Dietetics, Mind Genomics, Nutrition, Registered Dietitians